My First Craft Stall

I spent the run up to my first craft stall questioning myself and wondering if I could do it at all. I wasn’t sure if I had enough things made, I worried the weather would be bad, I didn’t have a gazebo! But in reality it was all a front for the fact that IContinue reading “My First Craft Stall”

Work in Progress Wednesday

I see people post their WIPs on Instagram every Wednesday and so I’ve decided to do that here because I am too tired to have an original thought today 🤣 When I started crocheting I had no idea what this new language meant! WIP, SC, HOTH , frogging, blocking, the list goes on. But overContinue reading “Work in Progress Wednesday”

Weekly Update: January 17th – 23rd

The Pandemic is Over! (Well according to the Irish Government it is) This week has been a strange one here in Ireland. For me personally, it started off with news of more cases of Covid among people I know and then all of a sudden on Friday the government announced that it was going toContinue reading “Weekly Update: January 17th – 23rd”