Learning To Crochet

This article by Wooly Thinking is excellent. I wish I had this kind of guidance when starting out with crochet Let me tell you a good yarn Picture this. You have found a shop that sells gorgeous yarns. You go in to have a rummage and a squidge of some goodies.… Learning To CrochetContinue reading “Learning To Crochet”

I’m taking a Career Break and It’s Long Overdue

I should be at work now preparing for my student’s return to classes next Monday. I should be doing my job. The job I’ve had for nearly 22 years. But I’m not. I’m at home. I’m at home because I’m worn out. I’m burnt from it all. Twenty two years of dealing with young peopleContinue reading “I’m taking a Career Break and It’s Long Overdue”

Work in Progress Wednesday

I see people post their WIPs on Instagram every Wednesday and so I’ve decided to do that here because I am too tired to have an original thought today 🤣 When I started crocheting I had no idea what this new language meant! WIP, SC, HOTH , frogging, blocking, the list goes on. But overContinue reading “Work in Progress Wednesday”