Hi I’m Anita, a 42 year old crochet addict living in Tipperary, Ireland. I’m married to Stephen and mother to Saoirse. I’m still waiting to feel adulty enough to be a fully formed grow up but I get away with pretending to be one…mostly!

I work part time in second chance education, working with young people who have dropped out of school for various reasons.

I learned the very basics of crochet from my boss/work mother Betty, over 12 years ago. However because I was left handed, uncoordinated and easlily distracted, I didnt get much further than making a slipknot and a chain while the girls in the class were making grannny square blankets in no time!

I became determined to learn how to do it and that’s where Youtube came in. Yeah for Youtube videos. I slowly built up my skills and over the years kept returning to crochet even after putting it aside for months on end.

During lockdown in Winter 2020, I created a craftroom in our office/junk room and it quickly became snowed under with yarn, hooks, finished blankets, unfinished blankets, wall hangings, you name it.

My husband encouraged me to try selling some of my finished items and so Anita’s Crochet Gifts was born. A hugely successful Facebook page called Shop In Ireland was set up to help Irish retailers sell online during lockdown so I posted there and I managed to sell a nice few Christmas Decorations which thrilled me no end. I now sell through their website www.shopinireland.ie and my own social media platforms.

My 22 year old daughter has recently learned how to make a slip knot and I now I’m full of wild dreams that we could become this famous mother/daughter team, making and sellign fabulous creations together under the more sophisticated name of Lough Derg Crochet Studio (fancy I kow!). A girl can dream eh, even if my daughter is more interested in finishing college and moving abroad than learning any more crochet at the moment..

Unitil then, it’s just me Anita’s Crochet Gifts, kinda hanging out here, blogging my thoughts because I’ll probably have forgotten it all in a year or two anyway (my brain has given up trying to remember things).

Looks like I wont have any problem writing long blog posts. This about section has become epically long. So if you feel like following along and seeing whatever falls out of my brain, make sure to subsribe to my mailing list and follow along. We can see together what will become of this blogging adventure.

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