WIP Wednesday

At the moment I am working on a few things at the same time. I think most crocheters are like that, especially when you have been crocheting for a few years. My main project is still the Baby Blanket I’m making for a custom order. Im on Row 34 now. I think it will be 47 rows around but I will measure it to be sure its a suitable size and keep going until then. I am aiming for 36″ x 36″

Blanket size chart by Cosy Rosie UK

Size charts such as this one form Cosy Rosie UK are very handy when trying to estimate how big or small to make a blanket. The pattern you use will also tell you what size the blanket will end up but if you are like me and use different yarn than recommended or go a little rogue on a pattern, having a size guide like this really helps.

My Superbly Simple Baby Blanket (Pattern by Keep Calm and Crochet on UK)

I’ve also been doing a little research and development for future products to sell at Christmas markets and my online store. I was awake at 4am this morning so started making some Ribbon Tree decorations from this lovely Poppy and Bliss pattern. I made these 2 years ago and they were my most popular sellers. I made them out of DK acrylic that time and was a bit worried about how floppy they might become over time. So this time I’m trying out cotton. I just want the things I make to be long lasting and of good quality. I know people loved the acrylic ones but I also want to be happy with what I make too. So I’m going to finish this one off, hang it up and see how it holds its shape. If it manages to do it, I will go all out making them again for this years Christmas markets.

What are you working on at the moment? Let me know in the comments

Anita x

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Your trees look fun. Hanging decoration I presume. I had a friend who used to make little Christmas puddings as tree decorations for the Charity shop she worked in and they went well. I suppose having something new for the tree is always good. I’ve gone back to my knitted socks now my blanket is finished and started what will be a Rainbow mandala for my bedroom wall.

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  2. Oooh a rainbow mandala, that will be fab. Keep us updated!
    Christmas puddings are a great idea. I’m going off now to find a pattern 🤣


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