I went to a Sewing Class

I recently signed up to a Machine Sewing class for beginners which is being ran by my local ETB (Education and Training Board). The course is free but you do need to buy materials for the projects we will be working on.

Today was my first day and I loved it. I’m so bad at it. I was totally lost at times but the teacher was so nice as were the other women on the course and it was such fun.

It was mostly an intro session, looking at what we could make, the tools and materials used in sewing and where to get them and finally we got to use the machines.

The hamster in my brain had to run very fast on it’s wheel to try keep up. And well it actually couldn’t! But that was no big deal. This is a leisure class, there isn’t meant to be any stress or pressure.

In the end I managed to thread the needle and sew a few crooked lines. I’m thrilled with myself. Yet again I’m amazed that little ole non creative me, is finding out that I can actually do these crafty things (even if it’s in a slightly wonky way 🤣)

Can’t wait for next week!

My first ever piece. Crooked and wonky but it’s a start!
Class notes

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