My First Craft Stall

I spent the run up to my first craft stall questioning myself and wondering if I could do it at all. I wasn’t sure if I had enough things made, I worried the weather would be bad, I didn’t have a gazebo! But in reality it was all a front for the fact that I was afraid of putting myself out there. It’s so lovely here in my comfort zone, crocheting away in my house, posting the odd photo and selling one or two items every few weeks. Going out and facing people, standing firm on my prices, opening myself up for rejection. These were all legitimate concerns I was having.

I spent the few days before the sale finishing off items, doing up signs, getting Stephen to help me with the pricing and putting tags on all the items. I managed to borrow a gazebo, picked out my tables and cut a lovely piece of material I had bought in Garrucha, to form a fab table cloth. I think I got about 5 hours sleep the night before.

Luckily I awoke to a beautiful day. Amazingly enough that day was one of the sunniest we had here in Tipperary all summer even though the forecast had said 90% chance of rain at one point! Stephen had left early to help get the place set up as the Vintage Day was being held on his father’s land so I packed up everything I needed and headed down for 10:30. Things were to kick off at 11am and so I had a nice bit of time to set up and see how it all looked.

To say I was thrilled with how looked is an understatement. Of course there are things I could have done better but for my first time ever putting a market table together, I was pretty proud of myself!

It was amazing how well supported the event was. So many people turned out. There was such a lovely community atmosphere and there I was in the middle of it, loving it all. I have spent a lot of time in my home, hiding away from the world for a few years now but wanting to be able to be out and about like other people. So this day was a huge step forward for me.

At 5pm we did the raffle and a woman from a nearby town won (same second name- no relation!). Stephen and I packed up and with sore feet and a tired head I headed home. I sold about 40% of my items. Somethings didn’t sell at all, the coasters and bunting were complimented a lot but no one bought them and the hot pads/placemats didn’t draw much attention at all. The number one seller were my key rings. If I had more owls and bees, I could have sold twice as much. Desk buddies, baubles and cacti were also very popular.

Great lessons learned and a fab day all-round.

I think I’ll do a post to give tips to people for their first market stall later this week. I was very well prepared because I had scoured the Internet for advice beforehand but I definitely learned a few things and hopefully my next market stall will be even better.

Special note. My parents and sister travelled from Cork, which is over 2 hours away, to surprise me. I cannot put into words how much that meant to me. I had no idea they were coming and the fact that they gave up their Sunday to come to a Vintage and family fun day to support me, nearly brought me to tears. As did the visit from my lovely friend Shirley and her family who travelled from Clare to see me too.It was so lovely to see them. I can’t thank them enough.

4 thoughts on “My First Craft Stall

  1. Interesting to know which things sold best. Of course it might be different another time, if you continue to do it. Thinking about the coming Christmas Season: one year I made some of my ‘Real Snowflakes’ and gave them to a Charity Shop which found they sold well. I did package them to make them look attractive. They only took me 20-30 minutes to make and I don’t crochet especially quickly. Lots of snowflakes patterns out there.

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