~ I’m Back! ~

Gosh it’s been so long. I knew I would be offline for a while but had no idea it would turn into weeks away from my blog. I won’t bore you with a huge update on everything that happened since but I have had some lovely experiences I’d like to record here.

The last time I wrote a post was back in June when I spoke about my decision to have a stall at our local Vintage and Family Day. One of the reasons I planned to take part was because of the support of my lovely readers here who encouraged me to go for it. Again I have to say the crafting and blogging world are such a supportive space, I love it!

Zona del Playazo, Garrucha

Anyway, Mr Egan and I headed off to our apartment in the beautiful Garrucha for July and the first few days of August. I was fabulous as usual. We are so lucky to have a holiday home in Spain and thank our lucky stars every time we go there. It was a hot, hot, hot few weeks, especially as it got into August. It never went below 34 degrees during the day for the last 2 weeks. Some people don’t like that kind of heat but I don’t mind it at all. Once you decide you can’t really do much, you adapt your lifestyle to avoid the hottest part of the day and go out earlier and later than usual, it becomes very manageable.

And so….crochet! Yes this is meant to be a crochet blog, not a travel one 😂

I managed to do lots of crochet this time. I spent a few hours most days in air conditioned bliss working away on pieces for the market stall. I made more owls, frogs and bunting and made a few coasters and placemats. I tried out a few other things, like a wall hanging but that was taking too long to complete and I needed to be producing things fast to be ready in time for the Vintage Day. I then moved on to cactuses…cacti…I’m not sure of the correct way to say that!

I found these fab pots at a local China store. I ended up buying 24 of them! Every one they had in stock. 50c a pot, just perfect for my cactuses

I made a few scrunches and a couple different key rings too. My suitcase was bursting on the way home. I had brought the yarn to make things. Far too much I realised once I took it all out over there but then I bought even more. Yarn is so cheap in those Chinese stores and such good quality. It would be madness not to buy some.

When we arrived home, there was just over a week left to the big day and I have to admit, I really got nervous and more than once I decided to just let it go and not take part. Reason 1 was because the weather forecast was predicting rain for days on end. No 2: I had no cover/gazebo organised and number 3, I was suffering with bouts of anxiety that was telling my brain not to put myself into a situation where I had to deal with lots of people and kept reminding me that so many things could go wrong.

Luckily, I ignored that bully and everything was sorted in the end. The day went so much better than I could even have imagined and I enjoyed myself immensely! Can’t wait for my next one.

I think I’ve done enough rambling now, so I’ll leave it at that and come back tomorrow to put up some photos from the day and my thoughts on it all.

Have you ever taken part in a market/fair? How did it go? What advice would you give others? Please give your thoughts in the reply box below.

Thanks so much

Anita x

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