Work in Progress Wednesday

I see people post their WIPs on Instagram every Wednesday and so I’ve decided to do that here because I am too tired to have an original thought today 🤣

When I started crocheting I had no idea what this new language meant! WIP, SC, HOTH , frogging, blocking, the list goes on. But over time I have learned the lingo and if you are new at this- I promise you will too!

By the way:

  • WIP means work in progress
  • SC is single crochet which is the American name for a stitch that is called double crochet (DC) in English terms! (Deserving of a major post of its own to explain that one 🤣)
  • HOTH means hot of the hook as in a piece that you have just finished
  • Frogging is when you have to pull out a few stitches or rows as in ribbit ribbit 🐸
  • Blocking- a process done when an item is completed to give shape to a garment/piece and relax the yarn

So back to my WIP

I’ve been thinking about all the great suggestions on my last post about the craft sale. Rainbow Junkie’s suggestion of coasters made me think about the pile of fab ones I had started a few months back using a pattern from Annie Design Crochet. And so I’m here at 10pm enjoying the late evening brightness and weaving in all the ends

5 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Hi. I’m so happy you explained all those things… I had zero clue what they meant! Ha ha! Coasters is a wonderful idea!! That’s definitely something I would look at at a sale. I don’t crochet (yet, anyway) and what I’ve been buying at craft shows is small round crocheted pot scrubbers for washing dishes. I buy some at every show. At the Farmers Market last weekend, I bought 5. I don’t know if that is something you make or not, but it’s a popular item in my US area.

    Love the blue coaster. So pretty!

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    1. Aw thanks Jessica.
      I think we both could praise our love of crafting all day! But its so good for us- our hands, our minds, our hearts but our brains too eh?! Learning the new language that goes with each craft 😂
      I know the pot scrubbers you are talking about. I see from Facebook they are very popular in the US, I don’t really see them here in Ireland. So maybe I’ll be the person to bring them to Tipperary!!
      I’m going to have to give everyone a share of my earnings from all the great suggestions I’m getting 😂 x

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