Could this Bee any cuter?!?!

I’m really enjoying my journey through different amigurumi patterns at the moment. The possibility of participating in my first craft sale in an outdoor market type setting has arisen and I’m both excited and terrified at the prospect.

I’ve been trying out so many different patterns, trying to find that elusive thing that I can produce in about an hour and that people will love and want to buy. I have about 20 items ready and my collection is looking pitiful. I’m going to have to crochet my fingers off over the next few weeks to be anywhere near ready. Maybe I should leave it till I have more products built up or maybe I should just go for it. My mind keeps flipping from one side to the other.

In the meantime I am enjoying discovering so many lovely different amigurumi patterns. Especially this lovely Rainbow Bee from Little Love Every Day. There are so many fabulous free patterns on this site which are easy to follow and fun to make. I made the bee from Hobbi 8/6 cotton yarn and it turned out bigger than planned but I still think it’s the cutest!

Find the pattern here

Have you any market/craft fair experience? I’d love to hear some dos and don’ts

14 thoughts on “Could this Bee any cuter?!?!

  1. I understand the issue of finding things that people will buy that you haven’t spent too much time on. Your bee is cute as are the other patterns. I have never done a craft sale but how much you might make compared to any cost of taking part could be a consideration. When I have considered whether making things to sell might be an option, I’ve always thought that coasters might be time/price suitable. So you could maybe make some of them as well. Lots of great patterns out there.

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    1. Oh yes coasters are a great idea thanks. I will be in Spain for a few weeks before the market at it will be too hot to do a lot of crochet so that’s why I feel under a pressure to make small quick items. Coasters and maybe small pot holders will add some variety to my stall,. Thanks for the suggestion.

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  2. Hi, new here. I have done a few craft shows, and I’d say to go for it. Your stuff is incredibly cute. At my first show I took 31 art pieces of various sizes, from small trinket boxes to 12×12 canvases. I did great and only brought home 9. Maybe you could take your supplies with you that day and create some while there? I’ve seen that as a tip, to draw interest to a booth. Some people like to see a crafter/artist working on something. I hope you do the show. My first show I was so nervous- but when it was over I was so proud of myself for simply doing it. Then, I wanted to do another. I’ve done 3 now. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Welcome Jessica! Thanks a million for all the suggestions, they are great ideas. You did amazing at your first show, well done. I totally get what you mean about being proud of yourself for doing it-it takes a lot to put yourself out there. I think I definitely will have lots of nerves, but I can imagine it will feel great if people like my stuff. I really need to get out and about after retreating so much during covid. You know what! I’m definitely going to do it! And I love the suggestion of creating while at the show, I bet people think you are magic 😂


      1. Oh my!! Good for you!!! I’m excited for you! You can totally do it. Your work will brighten up someone’s world. I thought that if one piece of my art is loved by one person, that’s all that matters. Same with blogging words. If one reader connects to/likes it- that’d pretty cool. Can’t wait to read how your show goes. (If you post it.)

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      2. I know exactly what you mean, I get such a thrill when people like my stuff. I think it comes from a lifetime of thinking I wasn’t creative. Finding a craft I love as an adult has been amazing. It gives me joy at a core level. Little thrills of excitement when I make something and even more so when other people like them too.

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      3. I love “joy at the core level.’ I completely understand the not thinking you’re creative thing, too. It’s so freeing when we finally understand that we actually ARE creative! Hope you have a wonderful show!

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  3. I say go for it! People will buy your items, they are so cute!!! I have amigurumi on sale at a store and that’s the biggest seller for me. Even if I don’t restock, the remaining amigurumi then sell! Good luck!

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      1. Great idea, thanks again. I like the idea of making things that kids will like and also having things like coasters, placemats maybe that their parents would get for themselves too. In all honesty I’ll be thrilled if I sell anything at all 😀

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