Dear Diary- I’ve been totally neglecting you, please forgive me!

18th June already! This year is flying by. I don’t seem to be able to keep up with all my goals from the start of the year but I happen to be big into the practice of self-compassion so I won’t beat myself up about it 😂

There really is no point in me trying to catch you up on what’s been happening. Mainly work has kept me very busy and I was also lucky enough to get to crochet lots of Rainbow themed items for Pride Month. Part of me has issues with the idea that maybe I have joined in people who capitalise on the LGBTQAI+ community by gaining sales for this month. Another part of me is so happy to see people buying rainbow keyrings and wall hangings that show love and support for the community. It’s a tricky one.

Rainbow pattern from The Crafty Therapist

I was discussing my problems with my day job in this post from February. I had been having such a hard time and was not coping well. But now I’m very happy to say I have decided to take a career break for the next academic year. I am soooo looking forward to it. I need this break. I have worked with teenagers for over 20 years now and am definitely experiencing symptoms of burn out. I am going to be going back to college part time to pursue a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy which is something I have wanted to do for years but didn’t have the self belief to just go for it. Now the time has come and I am so excited.

Of course it also means I will have so much extra time to crochet!!! Woohoo, can life get any better!!

Hopefully after the year out I will have build back up my resilience and will be a better teacher and mentor for the break.

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