Garrucha ❤️

Mr E and I headed off to our lovely apartment in the fab Spanish seaside town of Garrucha at Easter. It was just what we needed after the horrible bout of Covid we both had and all the stress I had been suffering at work. It was 9 days of bliss and it just gets better and better every time we go over there.

I was looking forward to getting the chance to go yarn shopping in the two China shops in Garrucha and China Vera too. These shops are quite the sight- they stock everything you can think of. It’s like Ali Express in person. I usually pick up bits and pieces for my packaging and then spend ages browsing the shelves. They have lots of different yarn at great prices. I must remember to take some photos the next time we visit.


Garrucha is a very traditional Spanish town and loves a good parade. Religious occasions are a big deal here and this year they made a big effort for Easter because they haven’t been able to have a procession/parade since before Covid. There were processions all week of Semana Santa, leading up to Easter Sunday, sometimes 2-3 a day. We were lucky to catch one on Good Friday.

Sunshine + Relaxing

We were blessed with the weather for the first few days of our trip. Almeria has been experiencing high levels of rain and some disruptive storms in the last few weeks so we knew there was a high chance we would see rain at some stage during our holiday. I decided that for this holiday, crochet was going to be about trying new patterns and getting ideas for future items to possible sell. I wasn’t under any pressure to produce anything and this left me feeling great as I sometimes feel stressed about making items quickly to get them to people.

For the first time ever I brought my crochet to the beach. I only did about 20 minutes before needing a sleep and then I never brought it again once I realised the heat, the sound of the waves and the repetitive motion of crochet have me asleep in no time. I don’t know how all those ladies on crochet instagram do it!

We did a little sightseeing and hill-walking and tired to be more active on this holiday than we usually are. Stephen and I are really showing signs of living the good life and have decided to try and remedy that to improve our overall health. We did a lovely cliff walk in Mojacar and then went to see the Plaza del Toros de Vera. I am very much against the barbaric practice of bullfighting but we visited it because it’s a landmark and carries history. It is still used to this day. We also visited Torre de Macenas and of course we went to the fabulous Friday market in Garrucha. The stalls in the market are an amazing mix of fresh fruit and veg, dried and pickled fruit, clothing, beach wear, household items, sweets, shoes and of course Stephen’s favourite- the chicken stall.

There were 2 days where rain and clouds kept us off the beach and so I managed to get a nice bit of crochet done in the apartment. I enjoyed trying out new patterns and seeing what worked and what didn’t.

So it was a fabulous trip at a perfect time. Can’t wait to go back again in the summer.

Have you ever been to Garrucha or Mojacar? Or even Almeria province? I’d love to hear what you thought. Let me know in the comments below x

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