Greetings from Sunny Ireland

Covid has finally hit us here in the Egan household. We have been very lucky to avoid it this far. While Mr. E is very sick and suffering some very severe symptoms, I have gotten away with a sore throat, headaches and a bit of pressure in my chest. My antigens have been negative so far so maybe he won’t pass it on to me!

On the bright side, I have to isolate while I have symptoms so it gives me today at least to spend some time catching up on my blog and reading posts from all the wonderful blogs I follow here on WordPress.

We have been blessed with some very unseasonably warm weather for the past week and it’s been fab. It’s amazing how sunshine and brightness really lifts my spirits. I’m going round with a real holiday feeling. Just love it. Last Saturday I sat outside in the back garden all day crocheting away. Just magic!

I managed to go most of the bag sewn together and later on that night I finally finished it completely. The plan is to send it down to my daughter in Cork and have her photograph with it and try it out for a while. I want to see how the yarn holds up to day to day wear and tear. If all goes well, I am hoping to make a few more to sell.

This is the video I used to make my bag. Pim does a great job of explaining how to do the 3 sections of the bag but I had to figure out my own way of putting it all together.

I’m delighted with how it finally turned out. It took me about 20 hours in total but I think I could drastically cut down on the time it takes the next time. I’m much more confident with colour changes and crocheting different pieces together now so I reckon I’ll fly through the next one.

Materials used:

Big Twist Value Worsted Yarn in white and orange from

5 mm Clover Hook from

If you are buying from Ireland, I would highly recommend these sites. Huge range of yarn and accessories, quick delivery and no customs charges.

5 thoughts on “Greetings from Sunny Ireland

    1. Aw thanks a million, we are getting plenty of rest anyway so that helps. So glad you like the bag. I love it when I try something new and it works out


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