Quick Update

So I haven’t been posting on my blog for a few weeks now. I have felt my ramblings on here are unnecessary and inconsequential considering the awful events unfolding in Ukraine. My heart is heavy with sadness and worry for those poor people. And I cannot understand how this can be happening while the rest of the world looks on. I have spent countless hours reading about the terrible things happening to these innocent Ukrainian people and shed so many tears watching videos of people doing everything they can to survive and just stay alive while that insane man in Russia plays his criminal war games.

I never thought my crochet blog would be a place where I would talk about such things but it would be shameful of me to continue on talking about my attempts at making Easter decorations and Christmas baubles while ignoring the plight in Ukraine.

However I do believe it is possible to feel sympathy and outrage at what is happening in the world, while continuing to pursue the things in your own life which bring you solace and joy. So I am still here crocheting away. And I will continue to update my progress here but I felt I needed that little break in the last few weeks. So now I will continue to write about how I feel about life alongside my crocheting adventures.

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