Weekly Update: 7th to 13th February 2022 & 14th to 20th February. Another Double Dose

What a few weeks!

Some weeks I achieve very little, some weeks are majorly productive. This week was a productive one. I finished the blanket for my friend and I sold 3 beanies on my Shop In Ireland store. I just love it when people buy my stuff. It’s not about the money. I’m always operating at a major loss because I’ve spent soooooo much on materials over the last few years. I just get such a thrill when people actually like my stuff enough to buy it and wear it. And then to have some people come back and buy more off me- well that actually blows my mind.

I’ve suffered from depression my whole life and this often leads to me having thoughts that I’m inferior or never good enough. I think this is partly why I can’t believe people want my stuff. I’m getting more confident in myself though. People work hard for their money. They aren’t coming back to me time and time again just to throw that money away. I really want to make items that are high quality and people love.

So after the blanket was finished and hats posted off, I decided to focus on the every popular Pinterest Checkerboard bag. I’m using this video from a lady called Pim on Youtube.

I’ve been making slow progress with my bag but I’m getting there. I’m lucky to have done tapestry crochet before so the colour changes are easy to do. I think my biggest challenge will be sewing all the pieces together. I was a little amazed that these bags are selling for over €60 on Etsy but now I can see the time that goes into making them, I don’t see how they could be sold cheaper.

In other news…

In other news I had a very rough time at my day job this week. Tuesday morning I had a huge run in with one of my learners which turned into a gang of teenagers versus me. I did my best to calm the situation but these kids love a fight and were trying their best to cause as much drama as possible. I was very upset after the class as I am very kind and compassionate in my work. I know I should not take their behaviour personally as they have so many issues in their lives which cause them to lash out.

I feel though after 20 years working in such a stressful job, it might be time for me to try something else. Of course that would have huge financial ramifications on my family so it’s not a decision I can make lightly. Luckily it’s now mid term so I have a break and time to think things through.

Imagine if I could crochet full time!! I wonder if I could live off sales of like €20 on average per week??

Please send me good luck and calm vibes as I work my way through this decision. Maybe I should start a different blog about trying to find your true calling in your 40s

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 7th to 13th February 2022 & 14th to 20th February. Another Double Dose

  1. I know what you mean about being so happy to discover that people like what you do enough to pay for it. With me it is patterns but I sell them more to count up how many people have accessed them rather than make money, though the extra money is useful. I think it is hard to make a proper income from making crochet items though. I think some people have done it. I suppose you have to work out what you can make where you can charge a reasonable amount for your time. So Good Luck trying to decide what you really want to do.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I agree about income from crochet, you will never make enough selling items for the time that you put in. I think I’ll keep crochet as a side business. To mostly de-stash my craft room 🤣 At the moment I teach a little assertiveness and personal development. I think that’s the area I’d like to move into but with adults.
      We will see though, my meeting at work tomorrow will tell me a lot.

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  2. Thanks for sharing, your crochet pieces are beautiful, I pray that the Lord guide you always. I think I understand you perfectly as I also will like to do something with my crochet skill but some times I feel it’s too hard since I suffer from depression disorder and it does stop me from doing thinks I will like to do but I have faith that the Lord is helping us all in every day of our lives so I rest in Him and I am also trying to do my best. Blessings.


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