Weekly Update: 24th -30th January 2022 + 31st January – 6th Feb (A double dose)

When I started my blog at the end of December, I had planned to post twice weekly. I felt that was manageable. But so far that has proved beyond me as it’s taking me a while to get to grips with WordPress and everything that goes into making interesting content. Then on top of that I was sick for a week and it all fell by the wayside.

But I’m back, determined to keep going and get back on track. So back to my update we go:

A Custom Order

The last week in January was a great week for me and my little crochet business. I sold the lovely cowl I spoke about previously in this post. And I also got a custom order for a baby blanket. I was so excited to get started as it’s been a long while since I have made a blanket. I’ve been busy making Christmas decorations and then hats and trying out little amigurmis and coasters.

So a nice little baby blanket is going to be so good for a change and for my mental health. Sometimes doing a pattern with a lot of repeats can get a little boring but it can also be a lovely way to unwind after the day and let your mind relax and enjoy the repetition.

The customer decided on yellow, grey and white for the blanket colours as the sex of the baby is yet unknown. And she absolutely loved the fabulous Superbly Simple Baby Blanket by Heather over on keepcalmandcrochetuk.com

Superbly Simply Baby Blanket by keepcalmandcrochetuk.com

So for the first week in February while I’ve been off from my day job, I’ve spent every day adding a few rows to this fabulous blanket. I am going to show it to the customer tomorrow and hopefully she will be very happy with it. Mine is coming out a bit smaller than the pattern predicted. I reckon I crochet much tighter than other people so I’m going to see if she would like more repeats added.

Of course I don’t have a single end woven in. I really wish I was the kind of person who did them as I go along! But I always leave them until the end. The great thing about this pattern though is that the repeats are long and there are only a few colour changes so there are not too many ends to weave in -score! And I will also block it for that nice neat finish.

Shop In Ireland Marketplace

I also got around to finishing all my Fishermen’s Hats and putting them up on my page one the Shop In Ireland Website. There are for sale now for €20 plus postage. It’s finally time to start moving this mountain of yarn out of the house. I haven’t seen Stephen since my last yarn purchase. I think he is stuck in a corner of my craft room never to be seen again !!

My Beanies for sale in my store

So that’s a quick summary of my last 2 weeks. I am back to my part time day job tomorrow and I intend to spend my evenings and the rest of the week finishing off the beautiful baby blanket and moving on to my next project -checkerboard bags. My daughter tells me that they are the ‘in’ thing at the moment. So I must go figure out how to make one.

Image from Pinterest

Until next time

Anita x

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