Weekly Update: January 17th – 23rd

The Pandemic is Over! (Well according to the Irish Government it is)

This week has been a strange one here in Ireland. For me personally, it started off with news of more cases of Covid among people I know and then all of a sudden on Friday the government announced that it was going to drop nearly all Covid measures almost immediately.

Time to Celebrate

I know I should be thrilled, finally this madness is over, but the truth is I’m in a bit of shock. I didn’t expect things to change so rapidly when cases are still so high. I have gotten so used to my restricted life, so comfortable in my little work/home world that suddenly being able to leave it kind of scares me. I can feel the anxiety rising in my body.

What’s the best thing for Anxiety?


Taking time away from social media and spending time doing a focused, repetitive, meditative activity is so good to calm that build up of anxiety in the body. I’ve also started walking outside in the sharp fresh air recently and find it great for my mind too.

Right… back to crochet!

This week I focused on the fisherman’s hats I talked about last week.

I completed my first order and sent it off. I hope the customer loves it. He is a fantastic supporter of my little business.

First Sale of the Year- delighted!

Stephen and I are finding the Stylecraft Life Chunky yarn to be very tickly while I’m crocheting so I’ve decided to make hats in every colour I have, using up all of the supply of that wool I have and hopefully they will sell well. Then the tickling will be over. I’m definitely keeping one for myself. They are just so cozy.

I’m still working on organizing and setting up my craft room. It’s a work in progress. Very slow progress! But I’m very excited to have such a lovely space to crochet in. It will be fab when it’s all sorted. Not Instagram fabulous, but fabulous for me.

I need to get my arse in gear and get these updates out sooner. I also want to add more useful posts to my blog but my time management skills are terrible. I spend way too much time scrolling on the internet. So that’s my plan for next week- focus more on the things that are important to me.

I’ll let you know in the Weekly round up if I succeed!

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