Weekly Update 3rd Jan – 9th Jan 22

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Yikes, things haven’t been working out as planned. When I started this blog I had planned to post a weekly update as well as one other useful post minimum per week. I’ve already fallen behind with that. But hey it’s January and we are all getting back into a routine after Christmas and the New Year.

So this week I returned to my day job in Youthreach. We had planning days and prepared for our students return to the centre. I am like a mad woman carrying my HEPA filter around from room to room with me, but I really want to keep safe so I don’t catch this virus and pass it on to my mother-in-law who suffers with COPD and other lung and heart complaints.

Of course going back to work means I was extra tired and so not much crochet happened. I’m still working away on my Shamrocks to see if I can make the beautiful bunting from the Knotted Nest.

Crochet Love hearts
Making slow progress on the Shamrocks

On Thursday I decided to change plan for a little while, as we are experiencing some cold weather here in Ireland. I decided it was a good time to focus on hats again. So I started working on a simple Half Double Back Loop Only rectangle style hat.

Might have made it a little too big!

There are many helpful blog posts and patterns out there for this simple hat but I learned how to make it from this Youtube video by CreationsMisfit

On Friday, Stephen and I headed off to IKEA in Dublin, to buy some bits and pieces to help make my craft room more of a room for crafting rather than dumping everything and anything. Did I mention I love IKEA, I wanted to buy everything but I was very good and only got enough to fill the back of the car.

The main thing I wanted was a pegboard

Pegboard Inspiration

I have suffered from huge Pinterest pegboard envy for a while now so I was very happy to pick up two for myself. Cant wait to get organising. I’ll definitely do a before and after post on my craft room. I must also finish that hat and post and update too.

So again, I’m sorry for the delay in this update. Must do better!

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Until later

Anita x

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