It’s New Year’s Eve. When could there ever be a better time to start a crochet blog I ask ya? Today is the day!

I think a very quick introduction is needed. This will be the short version because my 2-3 sentence About section turned into an essay (I have a feeling this might be an emerging trend in my new blogging adventure).

So I’m Anita Egan. I’m originally from Co. Clare but have lived in Tipperary for 13 years now. Love made me move to our bitter hurling rivals territory!

Oh yes- Crochet.

I love to crochet. I’m obsessed with it. Although I do tend to spend more time looking at what other people make, reading blogs, collecting 1,000s of patterns and mountains of yarn. Btw, I know I’m being all fancy saying Yarn, we just call it all wool here in Ireland, but I desperately want to fit in with the crochet world so I’m changing my lingo to fit in.

Anyway this blog is for me to put my rambling thoughts down somewhere. I am at a point where I sell finished items but I still feel like I have so very much to learn. I am going to be adding tips and helpful posts for people who want to learn how to crochet, especially if they are left handed and lost like I was when I started out. I don’t write patterns- yet! But I do think there is a place for me here.

So if you like the sound of all that, please be sure to subscribe to never miss a post. Who knows what you could learn!

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